KGEA-HBW Short Range LF Tx Antenna. External housing (integrated connector) + PU-resin (filled) (0.127mH)

Freq. (kHz)L (µH)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)SRF (MHz) MinQ MinCres (nF)
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Short Range LF Tx Antenna. External housing (integrated connector) + PU-resin (filled)

PREMO offers a short antenna with a high mechanical robustness and also has the best performance electrical on metal surface due to its bridge type design external housing. Integrated connector in the external housing. This part is IP68 waterproof issue.  


• Short antenna (length until 120 mm).
• External housing shape H-bridge ( Integrate connector).
• Material PBT-GF30% or PA66-GF30%
• Strong anchor points which provide an easy assembly and will ensure mechanical robustness
• Higher impact absorption and mechanical reduction preventive.
• LF antenna module inside external housing is filled by PU-resin
• IP68 grade Waterproof
• High stability in temperature (-40ºC up to +85ºC).
• Resonant frequency adjusting below +/- 2kHz.
• Custom L-C value (F-Resonant)
• This antenna is designed based on AECQ-200.


Nomenclature description

Only L:

KGEA-HBW nomenclature


Schematic Diagram

KGEA-HBW schematic diagram


Operating Frequency @134,2Khz @25ºC @1Vac. (Only L)

L (mH)Cres (nF)Q(L+C)Rdc (Ω)ArmsFreq. (kHz)Length (mm)Height (mm)Width (mm)
KGEA-HBW-C-0127J 0.127 ----


<1.0 1A 134,2 116.75 21 19.5



KGEA-HBW dimensions


H-Field Magnetic Strength KGEA-HBW series



Measuring conditions example



  • Antenna PREMO mounted on Reader and signal amplifier ( I=1App)@1meter distance.
  • Probe FMZB 1538143 (as receiver) used to measure the magnetic field (dBµV/m).
  • 125,4 dBµV/m ± 2dB@1 meter (I=1App) in maximum direction.