STP - High Power Chokes for EMC DC/DC Converters

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  • DC Chokes for Outputs Stages  DC-DC Converters
  • Designed to be useful in Automotives electronics
  • Up to 65A DC currents with Extra low DC resistance
  • Current Ripple up to  4-30%  of  DC Values
  • Operating Temperature -40 to 125 ºC.
  • Power rating : up to 350W
  • Inductance range : 12  to  2.4 µH
  • Frequency range : 50-400kHz
  • Very stable performances versus temperature
  • No thermal aging effect
  • UL94V-0 material
  • RoHS compliant


General Application:

  • Automotive embedded DC-DC Converters
  • Power Ratings According “Start-Stop” Converters
  • Industrial Small power SMPS


Specific Application:


  • STP-14-22 can be used as storage inductor for main converter topologies, like buck, boost, buck-boost or inductor output stage in Forward, Push-Pull, Half-Bridge or Full Bridge converters, . In order to maintain the core losses in acceptable levels continuous conduction mode without not 30% bigger values ripples of nominal current.
  • STP-02-65 and STP-08-30 can be used as differential inductor  elements in output filter stages, where the ripple are low, and the DC inductance are high.
  • All codes can be used in whatever application. In order to help the designers, we show the thermal response, DC bias and AC losses of each one depending on the operation conditions.

Frequency (kHz)L (µH) ±10%L (µH) @I PeakDCR (m?) MaxIDC (A)Ripple (App)Copper Losses (W)Core Losses (W)Weight (g)