3DC15F 3DCoil SMD 15x15x5 mm (2.37mH - 7.20uH)

Freq. (kHz) Lx (mH)Ly (mH)Lz (mH)Qx MinQy MinQz MinHeight (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)
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Keyless entry systems are a typical application for this coil, the Isotropy is often sought in RF antenna. In transponder applications, this feature has been achieved by the combination of 3 single coils oriented in the 3 space axis. The new 3D coil from PREMO RFID offers the possibility of mounting a single component instead of three, thus reducing cost, saving PCB space and increasing the circuit reliability. Sensitivity, low profile and small size are the key of this RFID innovative component. Best choice for keyless entry systems the three tri-rectangular windings ensure optimum field sensing regardless position. 


  • Size: 15.5 x 17.5 x 5mm
  • With foam label
  • High drop test resistance (up to 500 times 1 m) due to a maximized pin area.
  • High stability in temperature (-40ºC to +125ºC).
  • Isotropic version available.
  • With cover cap or labelled.
  • Taped & Reeled.
  • Designed for 125KHz and 134KHz. 




  • Automotive passive keyless entry systems.
  • Automotive TPMS with wake up functions.
  • Access control.
  • Tracking devices.


The specification chart is a reference guide for the most common required values at working frequencies of 125 kHz. Any other inductance value at LF or tighter tolerances can be provided. Please contact our sales deparment for any inquiry.  

L x,y,z (mH)Q x,y MinFrequency (kHz)Cres (pF)SRF x,y (kHz) MinSRF z (kHz) MinDCR x,y (Ω) MaxDCR z (Ω) MaxSensitivity x,y,z (mVpp/App/m) MinLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
3DC15F-0247J 2.47 22 125 656 400 900 75 75 65 15.5 17.5 5
3DC15F-0491J 4.91 23 125 330 300 700 100 140 85 15.5 17.5 5
3DC15F-0720J 7.20 25 125 225 250 600 120 170 95 15.5 17.5 5





Reel dimensions

Tape dimensions PARTS/REEL
A B C D E W  P P0   P1  D  
330 50 13 30.4 24.4 24 20 4 2 5.4 0.3 600


All dimensions in mm.




  1. Rated Inductance LR: Measured at frequency fL, with impedance analyser WK3260 with 3MHz installed.
  2. Q Factor Qmin: Measured at frequency fL, with impedance analyser WK3260 with 3MHz installed.
  3. Self-resonance frequency fmin Measured at frequency fL, with impedance analyser WK3260 with 3MHz installed.
  4. DC resistance Rmax: Measured at 20ºC ambient temperature, measuring current <IR.
  5. Sensitivity: Measured with Helmholtz coils 5 turns, 160mm ∅, + waveform generator Agilent 33120A + oscilloscope Agilent 54622A. Contact PREMO RFID for complete measurement specification.

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