3DCoil SMD Transponder CAP Protected - 4.91mH - 3DC11CAP-0491J

3DCoil SMD Transponder CAP Protected - 4.91mH - 3DC11CAP-0491J

125kHz / 4.91mH / 13x12.8x3.7mm

3DC11CAP-0491J is customizable.

Suitable for Automotive Passive keyless entry systems.
Very good electrical performance.
High stability in temperature (-40 ºC to +125 ºC).
Designs at lower frequencies like 20 kHz and 40 kHz show a very good electrical performance as well.
High sensitivity values.
RoHS Compliant

insert_drive_fileData sheet (PDF)

Freq. (kHz) 125
Length (mm) 13.0
Lx (mH) 4.91
Ly (mH) 4.91
Lz (mH) 4.91
Qx Min 15
Qy Min 15
Qz Min 15
SRFx (kHz) Min 300
SRFy (kHz) Min 300
SRFz (kHz) Min 700
DCRx (Ω) Max 111
DCRz (Ω) Max 150
DCRy (Ω) Max 111
Sensitivity x (mV/A/m) Min 60
Sensitivity y (mV/A/m) Min 60
Sensitivity z (mVpp/App/m) Min 60
Cres (pF) 330
Height (mm) 3.7
Width (mm) 12.8

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All dimensions in mm.

Recommended reflow profile.


Reflow soldering, vapour-phase soldering. A maximum soldering temperature of 260ºC during 10 s should not be exceed for (see recommended soldering profile with maximum and minimum temperature-time).



The reflow condition recommended is according to the machine used by our company. Big differences will arise as a result of the type of machine, reflow conditions, method, etc used.

  1. Rated Inductance LR: Measured at frequency fL, with impedance analyser WK3260 with 3MHz installed.
  2. Q Factor Qmin: Measured at frequency fL, with impedance analyser WK3260 with 3MHz installed.
  3. Self-resonance frequency fmin Measured at frequency fL, with impedance analyser WK3260 with 3MHz installed.
  4. DC resistance RmaxMeasured at 20ºC ambient temperature, measuring current <IR.
  5. Sensitivity: Measured with Helmholtz coils 5 turns, 160mm ∅, + waveform generator Agilent 33120A + oscilloscope Agilent 54622A. Contact PREMO RFID for complete measurement specification.


Reel dimensions Tape dimensions PARTS/REEL
A B C D E W  P P0   P1  D  
330 50 13 30.4 24.4 24 16 4 2 4.2 0.3 600


All dimensions in mm.


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