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The DC-DC power module used to supply energy to all the electronic devices present in the vehicle (lamps, air conditioning system, GPS system, radio-set, electronic computer units ECUs, etc.) converts the high voltage from the batteries (200-450V) to the 12V to 14V low voltage (10-16V in the extended range), or from 48Vdc to 12-14Vdc. It is generally designed using a ZVS fullbridge topology.


Our DCDC Converter Kit includes:

Power planar transformers (mixed technology Litz wire / isolated copper frames)


High current output DC filtering chokes (using edgewise flat winding)


Flyback auxiliary transformers (multi-outputs coupling and isolation management) 

Gate-drive transformers for power switching semiconductors control (special techniques to ensure clearance & creepage distance requirements)


Current measurement transformers for feedback and protection (high primary current up to 100A, high isolation management)

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