3DC14EMR-ULP 3DC14EMR-ULP SMD 3D Coil Ultra-Low-Profile 14x12x1.65mm (2.38-4.77mH) 

3DC14EMR-ULP SMD 3D Coil Ultra-Low-Profile 14x12x1.65mm (2.38-4.77mH)


  •   3 coils in one component, oriented in the 3 space axes with full functionality
  •   Ultra-Low profile. Best in market. Suitable for Smartphone.
  •   Allows Automatic Optical Inspection
  •   High sensitivity (>80mV/A/m)
  •   Available with different inductance values
  •   Very stable electrical properties in full operational operative range (-40°C ® +85°C)
  •   Suitable for Pick&Place SMD assembly

 Lx(mH)   Ly(mH)  Lz(mH)Qx,y  min Qz  min SRFx,y  (kHz)  Min SRFz  (kHz)  Min DCRx,y  (Ω) Max DCRz  (Ω) Max Sensitivity  x,y,z (mVpp/App/m)  Min*Dimensions (mm) Max
2.38(1) 2.38(1) 7.2(1) 15  20 350 900 88 172 45/45/50 14.4x12.2x1.65(2)
3DC14EMR-ULP-0477J   4.77(1) 6.30(1) 10.5(1) 14.8 25 250 600 190 259 95/95/80 14.4x12.2x1.65(2)

(1) Other inductances under request. Inductance tolerance ±5%. Please contact PREMO for any inquiry.
(2) Body size without pins.

This chart is a reference guide for the most common required values at working frequency of 125kHz.. Please contact our sales department for any inquiry. Sensitivity measured with Helmholtz coils H=8.36 App/m @125kHz. Contact us for measurement specification.
SRF: Self-resonant frequency of the coil.


3DC14EMR-ULP pad layout

3DC14EMR-ULP mount diagram

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