KGEA-DHSL KGEA-DHSL Door Handle antenna LF for smart entry system (SWITCH and LED) 

KGEA-DHSL Door Handle antenna LF for smart entry system (SWITCH and LED)

PREMO is developing customized door handle antennas using a type of technology over-molding low pressure depending on themechanical requirements and waterproof IP degree required by the customer.

For Door Handle Antennas, we also have the ability to integrate in a unique connector (6ways), the Antenna LF + Switch + LED as a single whole.


  • Overmolded Antenna with Low Pressure Technology (LPM)
  • LPM is a well know technology PREMP
  • Very fast to produce (No Curing needed)
  • Low Profile. Height max= 7,2 mm.
  • IP56 grade Waterproof.
  • Connector located outside assembly Antenna LF, Switch and LED.
  • High stability in temperature (-40ºC up to +85ºC).
  • Resonant frequency adjusting below +/- 2kHz.
  • Custom L-C value @ F-Res
  • This antenna is designed based on AECQ-200 

Nomenclature description

L+C in series:

KGEA-DHSL nomenclature

Field Magnetic Strength


  • Antenna PREMO mounted on Reader and signal amplifier ( I=2App, V=5Vpp).
  • Probe FMZB 1538143 (as receiver) used to measure the magnetic field (dBμV/m).


  •  105 dBμV/m ± 2dB@3 meters (I=2App; V=5Vpp) in maximum direction. 


Operating Frequency @114,5Khz @25ºC @1Vac. (L+C in series)

L (mH)Cres (nF)Q(L+C)Rac (Ω)Arms
KGEA-DHSL-C-0285J 0.285 6.8


<2 1A

Antenna is measured in resonant mode.

KGEA-DHSL dimensions

KGEA-DHSL electrical diagram


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