3DC14EM-ULP 3DC14EM-ULP SMD 3D Coil Ultra-Low-Profile 14.4x12.2x1.65mm (2.38-4.77mH) 

3DC14EM-ULP SMD 3D Coil Ultra-Low-Profile 14.4x12.2x1.65mm (2.38-4.77mH)


  •   3 coils in one component, oriented in the 3 space axes with full functionality
  •   Ultra-Low profile. Best in market. Suitable for Smartphone.
  •   Allows Automatic Optical Inspection
  •   High sensitivity (>80mV/A/m)
  •   Available with different inductance values
  •   Very stable electrical properties in full operational operative range (-40°C ® +85°C)
  •   Suitable for Pick&Place SMD assembly

This chart is a reference guide for the most common required values at working frequency of 125kHz.. Please contact our sales departmentfor any inquiry. 

 Lx(mH)   Ly(mH)  Lz(mH) Qx,y  min Qz  min SRFx,y  (kHz)  Min SRFz  (kHz)  Min DCRx,y  (Ω) Max DCRz  (Ω) Max Sensitivity  x,y,z (mVpp/App/m)  Min*Dimensions (mm) Max
2.38(1) 2.38(1) 7.2(1) 15  20 350 900 88 172 45 14.4x12.2x1.65
3DC14EM-ULP-0477J 4.77 6.30 10.5 14.8 25 250 600 198 264 80 14.4x12.2x1.65

(1) Final inductance, Q factor and DCR to be defined. Inductance tolerance ±5%. Please contact PREMO for any inquiry.

Sensitivity measured with Helmholtz coils H=8.36 App/m @125kHz.

Contact us for measurement specification.

SRF: Self-resonant frequency of the coil

3DC14EM-ULP electical diagram

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