VR/AR EM Motion Tracking Components

VR/AR/EM Components in all applications.

Regardless of the application in which the virtual reality system is to be applied, an appropriate selection of the VR components must be done. Let’s review some applications:

Virtual Reality

In the current VR market, leading by continuous growth the optimal user experience depends (for the most part) on the correct real-time tracking of physical elements and the proper selection of the virtual reality hardware components that can make the difference between success and failure.


In this application, The VR components placed in the controller are what allows the educational apps to project perfectly the images (such as solar systems, museums).


Video games word is using VR technology since its very beginning and the right electromagnetic VR Components are what fill out the full immersion into the game, providing the best experience possible.


Outstanding precision of VR parts (both emitter and receiver sensors) is an indispensable asset for medicine application (surgical procedures, phobias treatment, etc), where accuracy is essential.

Premo’s VR electromagnetic components catalog.

As you may have seen, choosing the right digital hardware in virtual reality and augmented reality systems is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Due to Premo's wide experience and know-how in these products, we offer a large portfolio and design variations of VR components (Emitter and Sensor coils for EM Motion Tracking Systems), covering all kinds of range, dimensions, or performance constraints.

Premo’s Development KITS:

All These VR products range from ultra-small components to completely encapsulated robust components can be adaptable to your own project.

 VR Components

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What is the smartest choice in terms of VR electromagnetic components selection (sensors and emitter antennas)? In the free conference “Motion Tracking Magnetic Sensors” we help you to answer this question by covering the practical considerations about sensor selection and reliability/repeatability in mass production, relation between requirements of the system, and needed size and sensitivity level of magnetic sensors.


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Half a century of experience backs up Premo Group. Developing the low-profile component concept 20 years ago and participating in the development of the first virtual reality systems, we can say Premo is leading the designing and manufacturing of VR components worldwide.

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