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Graphene Based Power Magnetics: a New Material for Improved Performance


What will you learn?


In 2019, Premo Group has developed a new material for power windings. The new power magnetics created with this material got increased performance compared with standard ones. Graphene is the key element used in this new innovation.

By applying CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) of carbon molecules over copper substrate, graphene layers are created over the surface of the copper. These copper sheets or frames are later used to design the windings of planar power transformers, planar power chokes or copper foil-based power magnetics.

With this new technology, two different approaches can be used as design guidelines for power magnetics:

  • Is possible to design components on similar size as standard ones, but with bigger power handling and thermal dissipation capabilities.
  • The same power level of the standard magnetic can be re-designed to a much smaller size, giving the possibility of component miniaturization on applications where space available or total weight is a critical constrain.  

The work presented is patented and under PREMO intellectual property rights. It is the basis for a new high-performance line of power magnetic components under development at PREMO, using graphene-based copper sheet and graphene-based copper foil. This line will include power transformers and power inductors.


Claudio Cabeza

Business Development Manager, PREMO Group.

Claudio Cañete, engineer degree in electrical & electronic engineering, (by Málaga Technical Engineering School) and automation & industrial engineering, by Valencia Polytechnic University, has more than 15 years of experience in several disciplines of Electronic Technologies.

He started in Premo as process engineer, developing the frst automatic process to manufacture 3DCoils in huge volumes. Moving later to Sales department, becoming Automotive Sales Manager in the group and handling major worldwide automotive tier’s one customers.

  • In 2017 he became Innovation Manager, implementing the new innovation focused strategy of the company.
  • In 2018 he became R&D Director of the group, in charge of all new product developments.
  • Since 2019 is the Business Development Manager of the Group.



Raquel Rodriguez

Innovation Manager, PREMO Group

Raquel Rodríguez  Bachelor of Science in Industrial Electronics, by Malaga Polytechnic School & Master in Project Management by International University of la Rioja.

Joined to Premo as Quality Laboratory Technician on 2011, subsequently joined the R&D department with specialization in power components. In 2016 becomes part of Premo Wuxi R&D as senior development engineer and support for the introduction of new projects. Since 2017 belongs to the Innovation department at the Innovation center in Malaga.


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