Webinar - AR/VR/MR

Motion Tracking Magnetic Sensors – Free Conference

Webinar: Motion Tracking Magnetics Sensors

What will you learn?

AR/VR innovative systems and motion tracking applications requires smart choice in terms of sensor selection (also emitter antenna selection). Premo Group has developed a wide range of emitter antennas and 3D magnetic sensors covering different system requirements.

Some topics we will talk about:

  • Tracking Systems Technologies
  • Electromagnetic Tracking Advantages
  • Size, weight and reading distance.
  • Isotropy and geometric symmetry.
  • Sensitivity and cross talk

This webinar will cover some practical considerations about sensor selection and reliability/repeatability in mass production, relation between requirements of the system and needed size and sensitivity level of magnetic sensors.


Sergio Cobos

Sergio cobos

PREMO VR/AR Sensor Design Engineer

Sergio Cobos studied Telecommunications Engineering in ETSIT of Málaga, finishing high MSc in Telecommunications Engineering in Electronics and Telematics in 2003. His professional experience includes more than 15 years in PREMO. Two first years in the company involved in test systems programming for transformers performance tests. After that, was focused to single axis transponders design for automotive sector (TPMS/PKE) and RFID antenna design. Recently, he has applied all his knowledge in the development of new VR/AR EM Tracking Sensor and antenna product range with high acceptance in VR Global players.


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