Inductive Components 

OBC Transformers

LLC resonant 70 - 250kHz.

Power 3.5kW–200-430Vin/out.

Reinforced insulation at 4kVac.

DCDC Transformers

ZVS PS full-bridge or push-pull. Power 2-3kW 400 to 800V batteries.Switching fr.80-100kHz.

3DPower Full Bridge...

OBC LLC/ZVS up to 200 kHz.

Power up to 3 kW to 7kW.

Insulation up to 4 kVac.

PFC Chokes

Single or interleaved 3.5kW boost stage. L range 80-500µH.

Up to 17Arms AC 50/60Hz.

High Cur. DC Chokes

Filtering L value 0.9-2.6µH.

Current up to 230Adc.

Ripple 14 to 35App at 200kHz.

Common Mode Chokes

For AC or DC EMI filtering.

L range 0.9 to 25mH. Ferrite and nanocrystalline up to 48A.

Resonant chokes

LLC or ZVS phase-shit DCDC 70-250kHz. L range 6.3 to 36µH.

Current up to 30Apk.


Control for IGBT/MOSFET transistors. Up to 150Vµs volt-time product. Isolation up to 3kV.

Current Transformers

SMD tech. up to 35Arms 250kHz.

Low profile < 8.5mm. Isolation 3kV – Creepage distance > 5mm.

Flyback Transformers

Power 5-16W at 100kHz. Input volt. 7-16Vdc. Mult. output volt. 3.3V/5V/12V. Isolation up to 4.5kV – CD > 5mm.

PLC Transformers

Signal transformers for HPGP PLC modem. Fr. 2-30MHz according to V2G IEC-15118. L range 5-10µH

Wireless Charging...

freq:. 85kHz. Wir. Power Transfer class 2 (7.7 kW) Dimensions: SAE International WPT2/Z2 proposals.

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