Webinar - Automotive EV

Isolated Transformers for embedded Automotive Applications (OBC, BMS, DCDC)

Webinar: Isolated Transformers for embedded Automotive Applications (OBC, BMS, DCDC)

What will you learn?

Electrical, hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicles use high voltage networks. They must be connected to the 110 or 230Vac 50/60Hz mains through a charging station or an in-home adaptative box to refill the batteries in energy. Moreover, the output voltage range of the battery pack is around 400Vdc (800Vdc for new generation) to supply energy to the electrical motor through an inverter. In both cases, a special care must be taken when isolating low voltage circuits (LV) from theses HV sides.

This is especially the case for:

  • Si, SiC or IGBT semiconductors gate-drive transformers,
  • BMS signal communication transformers (battery management system),
  • Flyback converter transformers (control board SMPS).

In this webinar we will:

  • Recap the need and place of isolation in automotive chargers and converters.
  • Present the possible safety applied standards and relative isolation criteria.
  • Review the available solutions for the most efficient and reliable isolated transformers.


Patrick Fouassier

R&D Manager Inductive Components – PREMO FRANCE

Patrick, Engineer degree and PhD. in electrical engineering, has more than 20 years of experience in magnetic components related to signal and power electronics.

He studied at Grenoble INPG/ENSE3 engineering school and did his thesis in G2ELab close to the Alps. After his prior position as R&D Manager at MICROSPIRE (now part of EXXELIA Group), a French company oriented towards professional markets like defense, avionics and space, he joined the Spanish PREMO Group in 2008 when participating in the creation of the PREMO FRANCE office located in Grenoble area.

Now his activity within his team is fully focused on the development and project management of innovative solutions for the automotive sector with components for battery chargers and DCDC converters from some kW to tens of kW used in new electrical and hybrid cars.

His R&D expertise is on a worldwide scale and in a fully multicultural context from customer technical support to internal training.


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