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Recap PCIM Europe 2023 – Magnetics for Electric Vehicles

Missed us at PCIM Europe? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Our team showcased the best of our cutting-edge E-Mobility Solutions.


Off-Board Magnetics

Innovative off-board magnetic for street charging stations and in-home wall-boxes. Transformers and inductors modules are ready to be mounted mechanically, connected, and cooled down, especially by air convection.

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Solid-State Transformers

We disclose the components we have developed for the TIGON project.
The system is a solid-state transformer that works 100% digitally with all the semiconductors inside needed to make the conversion from the input to the output.

Get to know more in this product video explained by our Business Development Officer, Claudio Cañete Cabeza.

Inductive Couplers for V2G & CCS Listening

Our inductive coupler´s, MICU 300A-S/LF series, innovative core material, and over-molded insulation material reach high voltage protection (up to 5kV), making them suitable for listening CCS (Combined Charging System) communication protocol between a charging station and an electric vehicle.

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Coolgap Heat Dissipation Solution 

This disruptive solution takes advantage of the optimized cooling circuit of the car by moving its coolant to the point of maximum loss generation of the magnetic component: the core gap. This led to increasing significantly the power density of the parts carrying on multiple benefits for the field of magnetic power components.

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Wireless Charging Rx & Tx Antennas

Our innovative wireless charging antennas, primary coil for power transfer & secondary coils, offer a high-performance charging system to the Electrical Vehicle market and other devices. A more convenient and reliable means to recharge the onboard battery without any physical contact between the vehicle and the charging station.

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On Board Charging Magnetics:

With a commitment to innovation, we presented our power transformers to ensure efficient power conversion and distribution, power chokes to deliver superior filtering and protection, enhancing your system reliability, and Signal transformers to enable precise signal conditioning and isolation for seamless communication.

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27 June, 2023
4 Phase High Power Common Mode Chokes for EMC Noise Filtering

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04 May, 2023
PREMO release cutting-edge inductive couplers for Electric Vehicle Sniffing / CCS listener applications, revolutionizing high-voltage system monitoring. New MICU 300A-S/LF Series.

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12 April, 2023

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