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The new Social Distance Warning Device allows safe return to public spaces.

PREMO launches the first high-precision social distance warning device that allows safe return to public spaces. EPI DWS 

The new device is based on low-frequency magnetic field technology and is special designed to warning social distance during COVID-19. Doesn’t share personally identifiable information or generate location tracking.

Premo announces the new Interpersonal Distance Warning wearable device (EPI-DWS) that utilizes a combination of sound and LED’s to warn you and others around you about safety distance.

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What is the operation of the Social Distance Warning device?

This device has 3 different types of alerts according to interpersonal distance:

> Distance less than 1m

-Flashing red LED.

-Beep sound (if not muted)

> Distance 1m-1.5m

-Flashing blue LED.

> Distance greater than 1.5m

-Flashing green LED. This is a safe distance and therefore is not a warning.

Social Distance Warning Device highlights.


This device doesn’t share personally identifiable information and location tracking occurs.


Detect physical contact from less than 5 cm up to 2m.


EPI-DWS prevents risky contact by alerting working before they get too close. This gentle reminder helps staff maintain social distance, even when focused on tasks.


With battery duration up to 10h.


Not smartphone and software are required for setup or operation.

What are the operating parameters of the EPI-DWS?

– Low-frequency operation: 125kHz (magnetic field)

– Battery type: rechargeable LiPO 270mAh

– Working hours: greater than 10h

– Operating temperature: -10°C~ +60°C (14°F) to (140°F)

– Storage temperature: -20°C~ +70°C (-4°F) to (158°F)

– Working humidity: 10% ~90% non-condensing

– Storange humidity: 5% ~95% non-condensing

More Technical details


Premo’s Social Distancee Warning Device for COVID-19 and other epidemics/pandemics has multiples pros compared to the standard products at the current markets.

1. With tags, based exclusivity in LF

2. Short-range (max 2m, adjust to 1m, 1.5m, 2m)

3. Confidential

4. Long wavelength – no shielding

5. No rebounds or false signals

6. No line of sight, human body not blocking the signal

7. Low power, long battery life (>10h)

8. Simple electronics, inexpensive

9. No sensitive data transferred from wearable to wearable

10. Can be used as a wristband, neck holder, or badge

Social Distance Warning Device Applications.

This device can be used in several environments ensuring high precision and safety.

Distancing Warning Social Device - uses



PREMO is a Spain-based company engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of electronic components with special focus on the key enabling technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution: IoT, M2M, VR, Connected and Electric Vehicles.

Our product portfolio includes RFID antennas (worldwide leader), AR/ VR Motion Tracking Sensors, power transformers, inductors & chokes, current sensors, EMC filters, and PLC components. In addition to our broad range of standard components, off-the-shelf products, PREMO also designs custom solutions to fit customer requirements, based on the latest technologies to help your systems be more efficient.

Over 1500 employees with 5 design centers and 3 production locations and an extensive sales network let PREMO have a global presence in more than 36 countries to meet our customers specific needs.

56 years being a preferred supplier because of our strong commitment to business excellence, engineering support, reliable delivery and the quality of our products.

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