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PREMO launches the MICUs NB and BB series

New MICU series for non-intrusive inductive coupler in PLC

PREMO, the leading manufacturer of inductive components, announces this extensive MICU devices family to cover a wide frequency range for power line communications in Smart-Grid applications and to use in the development of EV-charging stations for communication protocol diagnosis.

The main advantages of these inductive couplers are:

  •        Non-Intrusive (no disconnect cables, terminals, etc.)
  •        Easy to use (and installation). Clamp, click and connect (<5s)
  •        Can wrap cables up to 45mm diameter (current capability up to 300Arms)
  •        High insulation voltage
  •        Narrow band operation (30-600kHz) for long-distance communications
  •        Broad band operation (1~2MHz – 40MHz) for short and medium distance communication
  •        NB & BB combined (NB for Long-distance and BB for short distance)


Power line communications (PLC) is a global technology that is gaining interest worldwide due to the wide availability of power distribution lines. In smart grids inductive couplers are playing a big role. They transmit the communication signals between MV-Substations and MV-Sub to concentrators, avoiding other special transmission network, such as FO, Coaxial, Radio, etc., being a competitive solution compared with capacitive coupling.

Smart Grids require the deployment of bidirectional communication links that interconnect the nodes of the grid. Power line communication (PLC) is a technology able to do that, and it potentially reduces the investment cost by exploiting the existing grid infrastructure.

PLC can be used to offer a number of services in the grid through digital monitoring to control for fault detection, power quality and islanding effects. Energy management allows decentralized production and control of storage and electrical vehicles charge. Smart metering is the key component for demand side and demand response management. Smart building solutions can be put forth with automation and control inside buildings.

PLCs are a natural choice to deliver bi-directional connectivity in the power delivery grid.

PREMO has developed a wide range of MV-Inductive couplers:

Table 1





Two different high performance magnetic core materials are used, depending onthe frequency band and magnetic saturation (ferrite high permeability for broadband communication (high frequency)) and amorphous material for narrowband communication (low frequency).

This helps to improve communication efficiency as it offers low insertion losses.

MICU 300 A-S/LFW/OH (NB-series: 30-600kHz)

All inductive couplers are suitable for listen CCS (Combined Charging system) communication protocol between a charging station (EVSE) and an electric vehicle (EV): ISO/IEC 15118, DIN70121 and IEC 61851-1.

Non-intrusive solution (by PLC sniffer: MICU 300A) for monitoring PWM basic communication parameters



PREMO is a global leader engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of electronic components with a special focus on the key enabling technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution: IoT, M2M, VR, Connected and Electric Vehicles.

Our product portfolio includes RFID antennas (worldwide leader), AR/VR Motion Tracking Sensors, power transformers, inductors & chokes, current sensors, EMC filters, and PLC components.  In addition to our broad range of standard, off-the-shelf components and products, PREMO also designs custom solutions to fit customer requirements, based on the latest technologies to help your systems be more efficient.

PREMO, with an export share of 98%, has presence in 57 countries, with China, Korea, Germany and the United States being its main markets. Over 1400 employees with 5 design centers and 3 production locations (Morocco, China & Vietnam) and an extensive sales network allow PREMO to have a global presence in more than 36 countries to meet our customers’ specific needs.

More than 58 years being a preferred supplier because of our strong commitment to business excellence, engineering support, reliable delivery, and the quality of our products.



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