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Innovative NFC Access Device for door handle

NFC Access Device door handle

Innovative NFC Access Device for door handle, new method for new necessities

Current trends in the vehicle access market.

Nowadays, the most widely used technologies in the automotive market for access to the vehicle are RKA and PKE, which require a physical key fob to enter and start the vehicle. However, due to the increase in the daily use of smartphones and thanks to the great development of other telecommunications technologies and network services included in the vehicle, vehicle manufacturers and tier-one designers have started to develop other methods for access to the vehicle, with the smartphone as the main active device. An Innovative NFC Access Device for door handle is key for future cars necessities.

We anticipated this trend by developing an innovative secure car access device using NFC technology.

New NFC secure vehicle access.

Activation of the NFC Car access system

There are two ways to activate the NFC Access Device for door handle:

  • The system is activated by pressing a button:

According to this, the capacitive touch sensor detects the presence of the hand, which activates the NFC circuit and makes the car automatically open.

  • The user approaches the smartphone or NFC card close to the vehicle’s door handle:

This way enables the NFC communication and key authentication process without having to use any mobile app or cloud services. Once the user approaches the smartphone, the LED is activated and the door is open.

How does this innovative NFC Access Device for door handle work?

The system uses a secure near-field communication technology that allows to open, lock, start and control the vehicle via the smartphone.

According to this, the device combines:

  • An NFC reader
  • A touch sensors
  • And a LED

Finally, the communication with the electronics control unit EQ occurs via controller area network and flexible data rate KFD.

When safety and design come first.

One of the most important advantages of this system is the security that brings, that allows the replacement of the physical key with a smartphone or an NFC car.

The user is able to open, lock, start and control the vehicle through the smartphone, in an easy, fast, safe, and new.

Moreover, the NFC car access system provides key sharing through the mobile app, allowing other authorized users to access the vehicle with the application.

The NFC Access Device for door handle: new design with high protection

Furthermore, the NFC car Access device has a high-pressure over-molding that provides a high degree of protection against water and crashes.

The system allows software updates using OTA programming, which means that there is no need to change the handle for each update.

In addition to this, it provides active security, thanks to the cryptographic services with low power consumption, both in operation and in a sleep state.


Moreover, this embedded device is ideal for endless applications, such as:

  • Smart access to buildings and other facilities in a completely secure way.
  • Smart engine starting configuration settings in other vehicle instruments, such as multimedia circuits, climate control seats, steering wheel, etcetera.
  • Vehicle rental payment, and access (all integrated into the same device).


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