Advanced and optimized critical magnetics set for DCDC converters

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 What will you learn?

Magnetic components represent a significant part of the size and cost of high frequency DCDC converters. The trend is for power electronics engineers to use new semiconductors technologies that enables higher operating frequencies, that enable the reduction of size of inductive components and converters. PREMO, as designer and manufacturer of magnetic components for automotive applications, has been continuously solicited by customers to investigate solutions to further develop components with this philosphy.


This is especially the case for:

  • Optimized solutions in the design of magnetics components dedicated to DCDC converters.

In this webinar we will:

  • Approach the design of active parts talking, and discuss calculations and simulation tools.
  • Describe technologies which may lead to smart solutions.
  • Provide a brief overview of cooling systems and materials, given the importance of thermal dissipation through the component.

Abdelkader Birch

R&D Engineer Inductive Components PREMO FRANCE

Abdelkader, Engineer degree in electrical engineering, has more than 13 years of experience in magnetic components related to power electronics.

He studied at Grenoble INPG/ENSE3 engineering school and get an electrical engineer degree. 

Previous position : 8 years of experience in design of magnetic component for Railways applications in the company TRANSRAIL BOIGE & VIGNAL

He joined PREMO group in 2016 to develop magnetic in R&D team of PREMO France.

Now his activity within his team is fully focused on the development and project management of innovative solutions for the automotive sector with components for battery chargers and DCDC converters from some kW to tens of kW used in new electrical and hybrid cars.

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