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A fatal failure in Power Electronics often ends up with the car stopped and having to be towed for service (best case) and expensive replacement of the full electrical system while a catastrophic failure could see the car burst into flames1 with very serious damage to the Car Makers’ reputation and a very serious situation for the car owner (worst case). Most of the issues that affect Lithium batteries in EV (pressure, heating, short circuits and flame risks are common with Power Electronics circuits and thus the same solutions apply). Causes of Failures that cause overheating (Breakdown & Fire):

  • Magnetostriction
  • Curie temperature
  • Core breaks and cracks
  • Short Circuits
  • Magnetic Saturation
  • Fire and ames
  • Fringing Fluxes & Gaps
  • Hot Spots and Short Circuited windings
  • Air cavities
  • Leaked Flux


– An efficient cooling system in a 3.3KW device can save up to 34ºC of temperature

– PCM (Phase Change Materials) absorb a much higher amount of heat thanks to enthalpy.

– Customized thermal solution beat in performance and cost the market standards.

About Antonio Rojas

Ecosystem and Marketing Manager in Premo Group

Antonio Rojas, engineer degree in electrical & electronic engineering, by Málaga Technical Engineering School), has more than 35 years of experience in several disciplines of Electronic Technologies.

He has worked at Fujitsu Limited (Málaga, before SECOINSA) during 10 years being responsible of Modems design, prototype and reliability testing (Environmental, EMC and safety), then he move to CETECOM (test house for electronics systems, CE-Marking, EMC lab, etc..) now is Dekra, being since 2005 President of CISPR SC-210 (CTN208, radio-electric disturbances) and finally was joined to Premo in 2007 to work in RFID systems, Product & Marketing responsible for RFID business, (getting a Master by EADA over Product Management), CTO and now with additional Managing of Ecosystem, supporting mainly Technology demand for the R&D process and Ecosytems formed by key suppliers, customer, Universities, prescribers, national and international forums relative to our core business.

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