SMD Small Emitter Antenna for Automotive - 500uH - SEA-B-0500J

SMD Small Emitter Antenna for Automotive - 500uH - SEA-B-0500J

Short Range Emitter Antenna - 50.80x10.60x6.80mm / 500uH

Working Frequencies: 20kHz, 125kHz, 134.2 kHz
High stability in temperature (-40ºC up to +85ºC).
Wide working range (20kHz - 150KHz).
SMD mounting.
Custom inductance value under demand.
Applications: telemetric, telecontrol, atomic watch, PKE, etc.

insert_drive_fileData sheet (PDF)
Freq. (kHz) 125
Length (mm) 50.8
Q Min 120
Height (mm) 6.8
Width (mm) 10.6
L (µH) 500
SRF (MHz) Min 3
Cres (nF) 3.3

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All dimensions in mm.


H-Field Magnetic Strength SEA series catalogue

1. H-Field Magnetic Strength:

1.1 Procedure
  • Magnetic field probe measures in load Ipp to different distances (meters)
  • Receiving the signal from the probe field with the spectrum analyzer.
1.2 Setup

1.3 Orientation loop-antenna Vs Premo Antenna

1.4 Table-Measurement-Results:

Comparative SEAs value L below the same conditions for @Ipp and @meter (fixed parameters)

L (uH)X-Axis(H-Field dBuV/m) 1.7App @3meters

Curent to get 100 dBuV/m I(App) @3meters

SEA-B-0345J 345 97.4 2.33
SEA-B-0500J 500 98.6 1.8
SEA-B-0734J 734 101.7

Another values for SEA-B-0345J:

Ipp X-Axis(H-Field dBuV/m) @ 1,5meter

X-Axis(H-Field dBuV/m) @2meters

SEA-B-0345J 0.5 App 107.05 100.1
1 App 113.25 106.4
1.5 Edition control


1.0 Jose Ramon F. 27/11/2019 Initial Version


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