Shaping the future

We interview our Marketing and Ecosystem Manager about the future technologies and how Premo is now shaping them.

At Premo, we know how important is the innovation, which guides every day our journey to remain competitive with future markets.
Antonio Rojas
Marketing and Ecosystem Manager

Premo next 60 Years

More efficient, more capable and greener
At Premo, we’re committed to our mission of making Premo more efficient, capable, and greener to lead today’s innovations for the industries of tomorrow.
IA 2

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twin

IoT 2

Internet of Things/5G/6G and xG




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Artificial Intelligence (DL-ML) and Digital Twin

Only by itself, Artificial Intelligence is a big business that doesn’t seem to stop growing. Nowadays, this is technology is not commonly seen in a daily company’s multitude processes, but for sure, in a not so far away future, AI will be continue used, evolved and someday, will become part of the Companies strategic decision-making.
Affirming with no doubt, AI will be shortly, on the same level as the company CEO in terms of the decision-making process.
The training of models and algorithms lack “noise” and therefore their level lof precisión is higher than the human (always taking into account the bias that could have been introduced in said algorithms).


The Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G started to be seen and talked about, a few years ago. But not until now, does it seem that 5G is beginning to take off.

Nowadays, above all for the industry, and for sure for Premo, what arouses the most interest is the 5G (6G) private networks, not only because of the latency and high speed in communications but also because of cybersecurity in the Industry 4.0 & 5.0.


4th Industrial Revolution is currently on-going, we can see how quickly companies are changing and innovating to stay up to date with all new technologies that shape our future. Especially by the hand of robotization, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

These processes are pushing advanced countries towards re-industrialization with the aim of regaining the ability to produce their own consumer godos in a sustainable way.
In this new context, hyper-automation is where takes the most important role.
This concept, also known as digital process automation (DPA) or intelligent process automation (IPA), is emerging as one of the technological trends that will mark the coming years. Allowing the company to automate practically any repetitive task, and even help them to discover new processes that can be automated, with bots that could execute them.
In addition, hyper-automation is a key piece in digital transformation by removing human intervention in low-value processes, same while that provide data with a level of business intelligence that was previously unavailable.
We’ll see in a short-term future, how this tech will become a key factor in building liquid organizations capable of quickly adapting to change.


We can define Metaverse as a concept of a persistent online 3D universe that combines multiple different virtual spaces and seems to be established like the 2.0 Version of what we know now as the Internet.
Metaverse will bring to the users, new ways to work, meet, play, and socialize together, all in these futuristic 3D spaces.
Based on AR/VR/MR, 3 or 4 years from now, we will say that whoever is not in the Metaverse does not exist (In some ways, what was commonly thought about Web pages, back in the 2000).