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Premo at PCIM EUROPE 2022

PCIM Europe 2022

Premo Group participated on PCIM Europe 2022, Nuremberg, where we presented the latest innovations in Power Electronics for Automotive Applications.

Premo at PCIM Europe 2022

PCIM Europe 2022, held in Nuremberg, Germany, it’s known for being the world’s leading exhibition and conference for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy, and energy management. This year, from 10-12 May, the trade fair bringed Power Electronics representatives worldwide from the fields of research and industry. Among them, Premo, attended with a virtual and one-place stand, releasing the latest innovations.


Premo Highlight at PCIM Europe 2022:

EV/HV magnetics

PREMO wide range of high-quality magnetics dedicated to the onboard battery chargers and 400V/14V DC/DC converters. With high performances materials provide the best efficiency, high-temperature stability, and reinforced insulation. With Key focus on:

  • EMI AC & output DC filters with CM & DM Chokes.
  • PFC chokes.
  • Transformer and associated resonant chokes.
  • Current measurement transformers for feedback and protection.
  • Gate-drive transformers for transistors control.
  • Flyback auxiliary Transformers.
  • PLC transformer for communication between the charger and the charging point or the smart grid surement transformers for feedback and protection.

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EV/HV magnetics presented at PCIM Europe 2022



This revolutionary concept allows solving the engineering challenge of integrating magnetics. Unlike other magnetics integration technologies, choke and transformer share the whole core volume in the 3DPower.

Greener, space, and cost-saving solution which reduces size and weight achieve higher power density and combines magnetics components in one special single-core. Designs can be fully customized to meet any customer requirement.

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3DPower presented at PCIM Europe 2022


DCDC Transformers

Low-profile components specially dedicated to the 400V/14V DC-DC onboard converters.

4 versions available:

  • ZVS PSFB 2,5kW 100kHz 30:1+1 – DCDC214-002
  • ZVS PSFB Transformer 3kW 100kHz 26:1+1 – DCDC414-002
  • Push-Pull Transformer 2kW 100kHz 1+1:12 – DCDC2400-001
  • Power Transformers for 2kW SMPS HEV Systems – NPT-001

More info

DCDC Transformers presented at PCIM Europe 2022


Wireless Charging Antennas Tx/Rx for EV

Innovative Antennas flexible-pad for the wireless power transfer in electric vehicles.

PREMO WP-Tx antennas

This primary coil designed for power transfer offers a high-performance charging system to the Electrical Vehicle market and other devices.


This compact secondary coil brings to the market highly reliable receiver coils for EV wireless charger applications. Requires no physical contact between the vehicle and the charging station, overcoming the inconvenience and hazards caused by traditional direct-conductive methods.

More info

Wireless Charging Antenna presented at PCIM Europe 2022



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