PREMO, S.L traces its origin back to 1962 when the company started its labor as a TV and Inductive components manufacturer in Barcelona, Spain. After 8 years in the business, PREMO abandoned the production of TV sets and specialized steadily in what was going to be the core business of the whole group: Export-oriented inductive components development and manufacturing.

As from 1981 PREMO was split into various spin-off companies, all specialized in a different segment of the inductive components sector.

  • Predan, S.A. (Málaga, 1989: RFID Components)
  • Nuctor, S.A. (L´Hospitalet de LLobregat – Barcelona, 1989)
  • Powertransfo, S.A. (L´Hospitalet de LLobregat – Barcelona, 1991: power transformers and systems)
  • Prefilter, S.A. (L´Hospitalet de LLobregat – Barcelona, 1991: RFI powerline filters).

A new milestone was reached when a new large R&D and manufacturing plant was opened in 1989 in Andalusia Technological Park (Malaga, Spain) for RFID components. Under the Predan brand name, RFID component sales experimented with a true boom, becoming the leading product in sales of PREMO.

It was not until 1999 that the overseas expansion began, with the establishment of the very first sales office in the United States. At this moment PREMO is represented in six states by three commercial organizations.

PREMO could call itself a truly multinational company in 2001, when a long-cherished wish came into fulfillment with the festive opening of a new manufacturing plant in Wuxi, China.

The opening of the new plant came with the opportunity to expand into new markets, first with a new range of products: PLC Products.

This was the right time for the different PREMO companies to market and sell their products under a single brand: PREMO, S.A.

  • 2006

New Production Plant in Morocco (Tangier)

  • 2008

– New R&D Center in France (Grenoble)

– New R&D Center in India (Bangalore)

– New Back Office in Tokio

  • 2014

Opening of PREMO Korea

  • 2016

– Foundation of New Production Plant in PREMO Vietnam (Da Nang) 

– Opening of a new Innovation Center in Malaga.

  • PREMO US opened a new R&D center in California.
  • PREMO team engineers continuously work with the most modern equipment to fulfill the most demanding customer requirements. To achieve the highest customer satisfaction, in 2017 Premo was certified with IATF 16949 standards.
  • Moreover, this year came with the development of new EM Motion Tracking products, to reach AR/VR technologies.


Premo opens a new Plant in Tangier.


2019 year brought to the company a new expansion in the center of Europe, with the opens of Premo Germany, as well as the gain of significant share with BMCH.


  • Shenzhen New Office
  • US Detroit New Office
  • Shanghai New Office

After 60 years, Premo achieves 60 Active Patents, more of 1600 Employees Worldwide, and presence in 36 Countries. 

Ending the year with two new Production Plants in Vietnam and China.

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