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Premo at Electronica 2022

After 4 years, the world’s leading electronics trade fair and conference, open its doors for innovation and PREMO will be participating! See you in Munich, Germany, next November 15th to 18th at Hall A5, Stand 231. 

At Premo, we can’t wait to show our most disruptive innovative products and Demos next November. We’d like to invite you to stop by our stand Hall A5, stand 231, talk with our experts about the latest trends, and get one coffee or beer (depending on how much fun are you up! from our collaborative robots’ arms!

Let’s make a small review of everything that is to come!



>> 3DPOWER: A revolution in power magnetics integration

This revolutionary concept allows solving the engineering challenge of integrating magnetics. Unlike other magnetics integration technologies, choke and transformer share the whole core volume in the 3DPower. Greener, space, and cost-saving solution which reduces size and weight achieve higher power density and combines magnetics components in one special single-core. Designs can be fully customized to meet any customer requirement.
3DPower at Electronica 2022

>> Magnetics innovations:

With a wide range of high-quality magnetics dedicated to the onboard battery chargers and 400V/14V DC/DC converters, Premo EV/HV Magnetics provides the best efficiency, high-temperature stability, and reinforced insulation. Let’s make a review of the most recent innovations that we will show:

  • EMI AC & output DC filters with CM & DM Chokes.
  • PFC chokes.
  • Transformer and associated resonant chokes.
  • Current measurement transformers for feedback and protection.
  • Gate-drive transformers for transistors control.
  • Flyback auxiliary Transformers.
  • PLC transformer for communication between the charger and the charging point or the smart grid assurance transformers for feedback and protection.
  • DCDC Transformers: Low-profile components specially dedicated to the 400V/14V DC-DC onboard converters.



In collab with our partner Wifi Power Transfer, we will show an EV Wireless Charging demo with our innovative Receiving and Transfer Antennas working live!

PREMO WC-RX-Series (compact secondary coils) and PREMO WP-Tx antennas (WPT2-WPT3), designed for power transfer (primary coil), mete link a catálogo en ambos códigos.


CoolGap technology takes advantage of the optimized cooling circuit of the car by moving its coolant to the point of maximum loss generation of the magnetic component: the core gap.

This solution is helping PREMO to increase the heat transfer rate of our magnetics, optimize the component thermal management, and help reduce the use of potting compounds and aluminum housings, being a great cost-saving solution.

In collab with Coolgap Partner, we will show how this heat dissipation technology works in real conditions.

2. automotive rfid

We’re excited to release the top innovations around the RFID world, with state-of-the-art designs for automotive applications, such as TPMS, PKE, RPKE, and Immobilizers as well as any wireless emitter/ reception application.

A little pinch of one of the most promising ones:


This innovative NFC secure Car Access System allows you to open, lock, start and control the vehicle via the smartphone. This system, which combines an NFC reader, a touch sensor, and a LED, allows multiple advantages, such as secure access technology, replacing the physical key with a smartphone or an NFC card, and key sharing through the mobile app that allows other authorized users to access. With endless applications like smart access to buildings and other facilities.


Meet the 3DCoil family, the best-in-class EM tracking sensors, entirely customizable, already used in some of the world’s most advanced VR/AR devices!


Do you want to fill the magic in your hands? Come to our booth, we’ll be showing in collab with our partners Haptx & Rokoko their most innovative haptics gloves with true contact. These gloves cover the natural, continuous movements of the user’s hands and fingers, with less, or no, limitations, giving the user the sensation of realism and identifying his/her own hands with the virtual ones. Come and feel it!


In collaboration with our partner Sadelabs, we will show a demonstration of two moving robots with proximity detection functions using 5cm TX antennas on the robots.


Developed by the students of PREMO Robotics Summer Campus and led by top robotics experts at PREMO, we will display our top robotic demonstrator. Enjoy beer and coffee dispensed from our cobots!

Premo collaborative robots at electronica 2022


From Premo, we’d like to share with you our EXCLUSIVE Code for a One-day Visitor Ticket, to join us at STAND 231, Hall A5.

Interested? Send us an email at marketing@grupopremo.comwith your Full Name and Email, and will send you your invitation.


Our sales and technical team is happy to meet you at electronica. Ask for a meeting with them at marketing@grupopremo.com.


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