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New 3DPower – Full Bridge LLC Transformer and Resonant Choke

The 3DPower, a tech disruption that merged in one a Full Bridge LLC Transformers and Resonant Choke.

PREMO, the leading manufacturer of inductive components, releases the new 11kW 3DPowerTM solution, a Full Bridge LLC Transformer 150 µH + Resonant Choke 25 µH merged in 1 single unit. This innovation provides up to 40-50% reduction in volume compared with current discrete industrial solutions for the same power management.

Most of the Power Converters (resonant topologies) in the market have a Transformer, Resonant Choke, and Output choke. Every component has its own design, core, winding, and thermal dissipation solution. 3DPowerTM is the first product to integrate two magnetics components, LLC Transformer and Resonant Choke, that share the same core and feature two orthogonal magnetic fields at all points within the core. A unique and single solution that gives a super advantage starting at the beginning of the value chain.

  • – Power converter design with one inductive component in mind.
  • – One mechanical drawing interface to fit and connect.
  • – This Full Bridge LLC Transformer and Resonant Choke merged in one, improve the MTBF.
  • – Important volume and weight reduction (-40 to -50%).
  • – Energy efficiency & cost-effective.
  • – Carbon footprint reduction worldwide (energy reduction to produce magnetic cores). X3 Reduction of Ferrites.


Once electromagnetic performance is reached, internal and external thermal links are the most important question to solve in the design of these 3D-PowerTM components: “Heat Dissipation”. Designing power densities and power sizes over 7kW turns in a heat increase. 3Dpower use CoolMagTM, silicone-based compound compatible with the magnetics 100% focused on power magnetic electronics to dissipate the heat from the top of the magnetic to the liquid cooling plate of the bottom is required. It provides a thermal conductivity bigger than 1.7 watts/mK. The air is removed by this compound to improve the heat dissipation.

Current 3DPower Full Bridge LLC Transformer and Resonant Choke at Premo

The 3DP-11KWHVHV is available with Aluminum heatsink that acts as a direct thermal interface to the cold plate. 3DPowerTM cost-saving solution is also available with 7kW and the company is developing the 22kW solution. Designs can be fully customized according to customer requirements.

The 3DPower TM 3DP-11KWHVHV Series meets the AEC-Q200 (specific automotive quality standard) and other more restrictive customer automotive supplier standards. This greener solution has been fully tested in Premo Laboratory under real operational conditions.

 pon como KW - Full Bridge LLC Transformer and Resonant Choke

Find more information at

> Download German-Version of this technical article here.


PREMO is a Spain-based company engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of electronic components with special focus on Power Magnetic Components and the key enabling technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution: IoT, M2M, VR/AR, Connected and Electric Vehicles.

Our product portfolio includes a wide range of power transformers, inductors and chokes, current sensors, EMC filters, PLC components and RFID antennas (worldwide leader) and AR/ VR Motion Tracking Sensors.

In addition to our broad range of standard components, off-the-shelf products, PREMO also designs custom solutions to fit customer requirements, based on the latest technologies to help your systems be more efficient.

Over 1500 employees with 5 design centers and 3 production locations and an extensive sales network let PREMO have a global presence in more than 36 countries to meet our customers specific needs.

Since 1962 being a preferred supplier because of our strong commitment to business excellence, engineering support, reliable delivery and the quality of our products.

More about 3DPower – Full Bridge LLC Transformer and Resonant Choke.

> Download this Technical article, published in Bodo’s Power -> Bodo´s Power Article November Issue 2018

> Download 3DPower Brochure.

> Download free Ebook: Temperature and heat management in power electronics (3DPower) for EV´s

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