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Smart City Cluster ARENA

Smart City Cluster ARENA

Greencities is the meeting point of all the agents involved in Smart Cities construction. It is the forum to talk about future cities, and it is an initiative shared among institutions, municipalities, businesses and professionals focused on the projection of sustainable and smart cities.

CARCIS Project


The CARCIS project aims to solve the cost problem associated with the implementation of a panoramic sensor in a level 4 autonomous vehicle.

Current sensorization systems are discreet and require an independent validation process, without a standard kit that can be added directly into a vehicle. For this reason, the proposed solution is to design and develop a complete system, through the fusion of sensors, and validation in the field using a drive test that allows the calibration of each sensor and the central control element (ECU) and its validation from the point of view of reliability and field tests and in a testing environment (circuit in approved enclosure), with streets, roundabouts, tunnels, buildings, traffic lights, and communications infrastructure.

PREMO acts as project leader (due to its implication and knowledge of the sector, where it is a level 2 supplier) taking over relevant tasks in terms of specification of sensor requirements and control systems and interfaces, through the recommendation of quality and reliability AEC Q200, as well as in the design of the radio interface of the radar (transceiver + antenna), the integration (physical layer) that will be carried out by optical interfaces devices of new generation and transmission of high bandbroad data (1 Gigabits) by fiber optics to connect the sensors with the ECU, and finally as a validator of both the reliability of the systems (cold, heat, thermal shock, cyclic, vibration, etc.) and the field test.

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