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BF Series

High Performance PLC Blocking Filters for SMART GRID

This innovative solution allows a proper and more reliable PLC Communication, and it is based upon the combination of innovative component technology and design knowhow to enable economic EMC solutions.

PREMO has developed a new high isolated gate-drive transformer for such applications. The GDAU series is highly recommended whenever a low-size insulated SMD transformer is required to control the MOS transistors. This less than 8mm height device guarantees an insulation level of 3kV and a creepage distance greater than 5mm. The use of special insulated wire and special construction lower the parasitic elements to values (the leakage inductance is 2µH max whereas the prim-sec stray capacitance is less than 12pF) fully optimized for a switching frequency in the 90-125kHz range. The GDAU-001 reference provides a 1:1+1 turn-ratio that can command 2 transistors of the same polarity at once. It can withstand 150Vus without any noticeable saturation (15V control at 100kHz for example).

The new BF series filter has been specially developed for Smart meters which comply with PLC protocol such as CENELEC Band A, PRIME & G3. PREMO´s BF series filters are installed between Smart meters and End users for reducing the noise coming from the end-user equipments via household wiring. In order to make continuous communication between Smart meters with Concentrators, PREMO has introduced the BF series which complies with EMC regulation of EN 50065-1. Further, the BF filters has been developed with high attenuation without earth or Ground system.

This extremely compact solution is offered with 3 kind of attenuation level for reducing all kind of noise from the end user equipments. The BF-xx-MM models are specially designed for smart meters with Re-connection mechanism which has auto connect / disconnect based on load impedance.

Key features:

– Very High performance > 40dB attenuation
– High performance > 30dB attenuation
– General type > 20dB attenuation
– Easy to install into the 220Vac to 250Vac 50Hz/60Hz network
– Designed with Double screws Terminations
– Compact size in Plastic Housing with mounting type of Panel and DIN-Rail.

The BF series has been developed for Single Phase system requirements and can be used in 3 Phase system with maximum of 480Vac between Phases. Our standard models are rated with 20A, 30A & 40A with 250Vac.

All models are designed and manufactured according to EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, UL1283, EN60939-2, IEC 60950-1 & RoHS 2011/65/EU.

For more information contact our local partner ARKOSSA.


About Us

PREMO is a Spain-based company engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of electronic components with special focus on the growing market of H&EV, and market segments including automotive, telecommunications, and industrial electronics.

Our product portfolio includes RFID antennas (worldwide leader), power transformers, inductors & chokes, current sensors, EMC filters, and PLC components. In addition to our broad range of standard components, off-the-shelf products, PREMO also designs custom solutions to fit customer requirements, based on the latest technologies to help your systems be more efficient.

800 employees at over 7 design and production locations and an extensive sales network let PREMO have a global presence to meet country specific needs.

54 years being a preferred supplier because of our strong commitment to business excellence, engineering support, reliable delivery and the quality of our products.



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