Freq. (kHz) 67
L (µH) ±10% 310
Input Voltage (V) 230
Output Voltage (V) 385
I RMS (A) 17
DCR (mΩ) 25
Power (kW) 4
L (µH) @I Peak >80@27A
Ripple (App) 6
Weight (Kg) 0,4

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All dimensions in mm.

Typical performances versus temperature and frequency


  • All test data are referenced to 25°C ambient temperature
  • Continuous operating temperature range must be within -40°C/+150°C (ambient + self heating) under worst case conditions ; exposure to 180°C peak is allowed according to IEC85 H thermal index for all raw materials used 
  • Performances are subjected to change according to cooling capability of the heatsink on which the component is fixed It is suggested that the component be tested at system level to verify its temperature after 60 minutes in the end application. Inductance values are measured at 10kHz/0.25V Less than +/-5% variation on -40°C/+150°C temperature range. See L vs. Idc curve.
  • Dielectric strength between windings and aluminum box is greater than 2.5kV/50Hz/2sec.

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