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PREMO offers a wide range of high-quality magnetics dedicated to the onboard battery chargers. Most of them are already AEC-Q200 fully qualified. High performances materials are used for the best efficiency, high temperature stability and reinforced insulation.


Our OBC kit contains:

EMI AC input filter common mode choke (iron powder, high permeability ferrite or nanocrystalline cores): 


PFC chokes (different powder grades can be used for the core depending on the best compromise between saturation and losses)


Transformer and associated resonant chokes (custom optimized low-loss high-temperature stability ferrite cores, special insulated Litz wire, special connections)


Flyback auxiliary transformers (multi-outputs coupling and isolation management)


Gate-drive transformers for power switching semiconductors control (special techniques to ensure clearance & creepage distance requirements)


PLC transformer for communication (power line) between the charger and the charging point or to smart grid (galvanic isolation).

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