PV Installation for Self Consumption and Ev Charging

PREMO Málaga PV Installation for Self-Consumption & Ev Charging.

The boost towards the use of Electric Vehicles. Pursuing zero carbon footprint in Andalusian Tech Park.

PREMO runs its first 70kWp renewable energy (photovoltaic) installation on its headquarters.

This project is aimed at the comprehensive and efficient management of 100% renewable energy for self-consumption and for 3 EV/HV charging stations with a total of 22kW. In 2021 the company plans an expansion of over 100kWp.

With this project, PREMO aims to contribute to a corporate social responsibility, fully identified especially with 4 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations.

Today we begin a new stage in which the commitment to Climate Action, sustainable mobility, and responsible production, is total and inalienable.

PREMO is committed to the "Triple Bottom Line" philosophy, also known as the three P's (People, Planet, Profit) which means raising the commitment beyond economic profitability to the improvement of the Planet and the development of its professionals.

Similar PV projects will be implemented in 2021 and 2022 at PREMO's production centers in Morocco, Vietnam, as well as in future smart manufacturing plants.


PREMO is a global leader engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of electronic components with a special focus on the key enabling technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution: IoT, M2M, VR, Connected and Electric Vehicles.

Our product portfolio includes RFID antennas (worldwide leader), AR/VR Motion Tracking Sensors, power transformers, inductors & chokes, current sensors, EMC filters, and PLC components.  In addition to our broad range of standard, off-the-shelf components and products, PREMO also designs custom solutions to fit customer requirements, based on the latest technologies to help your systems be more efficient.

PREMO, with an export share of 98%, has presence in 57 countries, with China, Korea, Germany and the United States being its main markets. Over 1400 employees with 5 design centers and 3 production locations (Morocco, China & Vietnam) and an extensive sales network allow PREMO to have a global presence in more than 36 countries to meet our customers’ specific needs.

More than 58 years being a preferred supplier because of our strong commitment to business excellence, engineering support, reliable delivery, and the quality of our products.