Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show - Virtual Conference

Premo will be part of the "Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show" with a virtual conference.

This 15th October, at 10:00 AM (PT) - 17:00 PM (CET) Premo will contribute to the Show by a virtual conference: Power Density and Thermal Dissipation. 

In this new edition of the "Del Mar Electronics and Manufacturing Show" placed on San Diego, CA - PREMO will contribute with the live webinar: Power Density and Thermal Dissipation. 

Discuss with us Today's main challenge in power electronics (industrial, hybrid & electric vehicles): how to manage higher power (OBC/DCDC converters) today and in the next future in the smallest possible space, without compromising system reliability. 

Two questions will be solved:

  • How to increase power density
  • How to handle heat in the most effective way, to maintain or reduce the system's failure rate.

Join us here.

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