COVID 19 - Emergency Call - Pressure Sensors.

COVID 19 - Emergency Call - Pressure Sensors.

Many thanks to all of you who shared the previous emergency call posts. With the lead from Ametic (Spanish Electronics and IT Association of Industries) and under the call of Spanish Ministry of Industry, we reached almost 500.000 people, getting in touch with many key contacts who had valves in stock. With this action, we acquired around 500 valves around the world, these valves will be used in 100 ventilators assemblies. Again, thank you all.

In parallel, there is big action plan on going to secure the sourcing of enough valves to extend the ventilators manufacturing capability. Unfortunately, there is another big bottleneck in the road:

The ventilator uses two SMD pressure sensor models from SMI Silicon Microstructures SM9541 series:

  • SM9541-010C-S-C-3-S
  • SM9541-100C-D-C-3-S

It’s important they must be the exact referenced part number, so manufacturing can be done without changes or modifications. We need any stock available you can provide. Pictures included below.

If you have stock of those sensors, please contact Mar Villarrubia (

Thanks a lot for your help.