PREMO Launches new 3D Antennas for integration in AR/VR

PREMO launches the 3DTX10 and 3DTX08 family of emitter antennae.

An innovative small size and fully isotropic approach to 3D antennas for integration in Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and motion capture applications.



This innovation is designed for devices which use motion capture (e.g. headsets, controllers, suits, gloves, etc.), AR and VR devices that requires small 3D emitter antennae.


PREMO, leader in manufacturing 3D SMD receiver antennas, has released a family of small 3D emitter antennae for VR/AR and motion capture applications with a very good radiation performance and isotropy relative to size, and fully industrialized for SMT assembly lines.

Electromagnetic Motion Tracking or Motion Capture the technology that allows the real-time precise tracking of the position and orientation of objects in space. It has become a popular go-to technology for tracking in videogames and for industrial/commercial applications.                

Several hardware technologies can be used for tracking. However, electromagnetic technology offers some clear advantages in terms of line of sight, latency and precision.




The base of the Electromagnetic Motion Capture system is a 3D emitter antenna that creates a three-dimensional magnetic field (using different low frequencies for each one of the three axis of the space).



When an object that bears a receiver (or sensor) antenna enters the electromagnetic field, the electromagnetic tracking system can calculate accurately and in real time the object position and orientation in the environment. It does so using the information of rotation and position obtained by the receiver coil by means of a three-dimensional vector calculation system.


PREMO offers both emitter and receiver 3D antennas for these applications. These come in many sizes, depending on the target range, size and energy consumption.

The 3DTX10 and 3DTX08 family of emitter coils are useful to provide very high precision motion capture in the range of 20-50cm, depending on the Rx-sensor (6x6mm to 11x11 or 15x15mm) in use.

The very same approach is used to capture movement of full body suits or gloves. In theses 6DoF applications (real high-precision and no limitations in terms of line of sight, ultra-low latency and lower consumption is needed), the size of the emitter antenna is preferred to be as small as possible. Therefore, the 3DTX08 and 3DTX10 were designed keeping this in mind.

PREMO has full expertise in mass-production manufacturing of small SMD 3D antennas with low tolerances in order to bring to market a product that offers high precision, full isotropy and the highest quality guarantee. Depending on the customer requirement, Premo offers different customization options.


Samples of these two full isotropic small 3D emitters (3DTX08-A-0060J, 3DTX10-A-0100J) are available for purchase on the PREMO Online Marketplace.

Please follow the below links if you want to learn more about this innovation, as well as to access technical datasheets:



These parts will be delivered (in mass production) on tape & reel for SMT pick & place assembly according to EIA 481 (175 pcs/reel or 140 pcs/reel depending of the size 3DTX08 or 3DTX10). They have been engineered to be RoHS and REACH-compliant and have also been tested for endurance to comply with AECQ200 standards for automotive and IEC 68000 standards for industrial, wearable and general applications.




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