New serie of receiver antenna for EV Wireless Charging

wireless charging antenna

PREMO launches the WC-RX-Series of receiver antennae (secondary coil) for EV wireless charging applications.

It provides a flexible magnetic core combining Flex-Ferrite blocks with PBM (Soft-Polymer Bonding Magnetic) Currently handling 3kW to 11kW of power. 22kW coming soon!



In the field of electric vehicle wireless charging, new innovations and technologies are succeeding each other. One of these innovations is the development of a new flexible and robust magnetic core for wireless charging of electric vehicles.

Our new series WC-RX-Series (compact secondary coils) brings to the EV market a highly reliable receiver coil. Each pad has multiple built-in high-performance components, such as Litz -wire, high permeability sintered ferrite, PBM (Polymer Bonding Magnetic), and a special flexible thermally conductive compound (CoolMag).



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Technical information about the EV wireless charging antenna:

PREMO, the leading manufacturer of inductive components for the automotive market, has announced the WC-RX-Series (compact secondary coils) that brings to the market a highly reliable receiver coils for wireless charger applications for electric vehicles.

An electric vehicle is any vehicle that makes use of energy stored in batteries either to power electric motors (light vehicles, vans or buses) or for onboard auxiliary energy also used by vehicles such as warehouse robots, forklifts, AGVs and more.

Currently, the market for hybrid and electrical vehicles is growing fast. These are alternative and improved solutions to common internal combustion engine vehicles to reduce global pollution, especially in terms of CO2 emissions or other NOx pollutants and other thin particles that are toxic for our health and endanger our planet.

Most of the motorized electric vehicles have a plug for direct AC or DC slow or fast charging.

The growing EV market is driving the demand for more convenient and reliable means to recharge the onboard battery.

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) requires no physical contact between the vehicle and the charging station, therefore overcoming the inconvenience and hazards caused by traditional direct-conductive methods.

The challenge is to replace the conductive charging method by WPT technology while maintaining a comparable power level and efficiency. The long-term goal is to dynamically power the moving vehicles on the road, AGVs on a factory floor and/or autonomous robots and forklifts in a warehouse.

This may lead to a significant size reduced battery pack and extended driving range at the same time thus addressing the main concerns of EV, namely, the high prices of batteries and range anxiety.

For the past 3 years, PREMO has been investing in innovative Inductive Components design applying both the 3DPowerTMconcept (for the magnetics involved in WPT) and the ALMATM concept (for long-range antennae using flex-magnetic core).

A Team of Scientists from Madrid’s CSIC (Superior Council of Scientific Research) led by renowned expert in Magnetism, Mr. Manuel Vazquez, Ph. D, Head of the Nanomagnetism and Magnetization Processes groups, researchers of UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), Andaltec (Instituto Andaluz del Plástico) and a team of materials scientists and technologists at Premo’s Innovation Center in Malaga have developed a technology aimed at Inductive Wireless Power Transfer in the range of 90kHz. This technology deals with the limits of conventional ferrite coresthat are both fragile and brittle and cannot be manufactured reliably in the long, large and thick formats required by this application. After 3 years of research and development and more than 1 Million Euros in private and public funding, the team is announcing the first industrial solutions that overcome the limits of the technology used to this date.

The main improvement in performance of Premo’s WC-Rx-Series (secondary coils) is the magnetic core technology that provides a super high efficiency (above 95%) power transfer thanks to a carefully crafted combination and optimization of the coil (Litz wire) with a flexible-core configuration that avoids air gaps and reduces heating areas. The result is a compact secondary coil with a high Q-factor (very low losses) and high reliability.

Graphs for 7.7kW WPT: 20% K-factor, 12uH Mutual Inductance, 94.5% Efficiency:

Samples of the WC-RX @ 7-11kW will be available on Premo’s web page by the end of Q4-2019.

Samples of the WC-RX @ 22kW) will be available by Q1 (2020).

WC-TX-Series (Emitters) will be available in Q1 (2020).


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