Gripper - Collaborative Robot Accessory

Collaborative Robot Accessory - GRIPPER
Gripper - Collaborative Robot Accessory...
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L (mH) MinDCR (Ω) MaxFreq. (kHz)Cres (pF)Q x,y,z MinHeight (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)SRF (kHz) MinSensitivity (mV/uT) min
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Gripper - Collaborative Robot Accessory

This cobot's accessory with ultra-lightweight provides working and power status as well as drop and pick-up detection.
PREMO Gripper is easy-to-use thanks to the programmer speed control and it's suitable for a wide range of applications. 

Electrical specifications:


Rated Supply Voltage 24V DC
Absolute Maximum Supply Voltage 28V DC

Static Power Consumption (minimum power consumption)

Peak Current 1.5A
Stroke 70-150mm
Maximum Gripping Force 20N
Weight 760g
Communication Mode RS-485
Communication Protocol Modbus RTU
Programmable Gripping Speed Control
Status Indication Working Status, Power Status
Feedback Drop Detection, Pick-up Detection