Electromagnetic Motion Tracking System Kit Demonstration

We present the Electromagnetic Motion Tracking System Kit Demonstration by the hand of Ineltek.


This VR/AR EM Tracking system DEMO KIT allows to run a system with one single 3D magnetic field source (connected to power supply) and three individual battery-powered wireless sensors. Each sensor has a 3D magnetic field receiver and a high-frequency link to the USB receiver hub. The receiver hub translates the position and orientation data from each sensor to the laptop software.

Take a view of how this VR Kit works in the following Ineltek's video 



The PREMO VR/AR KIT for Electromagnetic Motion Tracking System is provided with an embedded stand-alone high precision and low-cost 3D tracking system that positions an object in 3D, outputting the absolute position (XYZ) and rotation (pitch/yaw/roll) of the system components in respect to each other. Making this VR KIT a so-called true six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking system.

This EMTS system developed together with AmfiTech can be used for a wide range of applications, such as videogames, medicine, education, and virtual reality.

However, the main benefits achieved in this VR/AR Kit are:

  • - Full six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking.
  • - High precision.
  • - Low system components cost.
  • - Easy installation
  • - No line-of-sight issue, which is a very notable advantage compared with camera-based tracking systems.
  • - Technology fully customizable to fit your requirements. Just contact us.

What does this VR/AR EM system Demo Kit contain?

  • - 1 pc source controller (ATSC1)
  • - 1 pc medium-range source (Premo 3DCC28-A-0039J)
  • - 3 pcs sensor (ATS1, with Premo 3DV15 inside)
  • - 1 pc wireless receiver hub (ATWR1)
  • - 2 pcs USB cables
  • - 1 pc USB power supply (5V/1A)
  • - 1 pc suitcase with special foam insertion
  • - Demo software (AmfiTrack Viewer), Getting started video, USB protocol

BUY ONLINE This Electromagnetic Motion Tracking System KIT

Unfortunately due to the success and great reception of this product, we have run out of stock!

But don't worry, our partners Amfitech and us are already working on the next generation of this product, with new and exciting innovations coming down the pipeline of this product's road map! We will be announcing them soon.

Meanwhile, we are offering the remaining few systems on a rental basis. As always, you can expect full support on the installation, use, and technical troubleshooting of this development kit. 



Getting started with this VR/AR KIT

Get Started by downloading this document.

Also, download the latest software of this Kit at the following link: AmfiTrack_Gen1_Software.zip

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