Our culture

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We enhance the achievement of our customers for a cleaner mobility through pioneering insulation solutions.


“Be the preferred global partner in our speciality.”


Commitment and passion in everything that we do.
Optimism in facing challenges.
Team spirit based on mutual trust and transparency is the cornerstone of all working relationships.
Proactively identify problems, solutions and opportunities.
Agility and flexibility, driving change in a fast evolving environment.
Personal integrity and respect for each other.


Employee development
Our team is our most valuable asset.
Ensure personal and professional growth.
Customer focus
Customer satisfaction. Identifying needs and offering added value products and services.
Catalyst for progress. Generation of new ideas and turning them into solutions.
Pursuing excellence
Best processes. Health and safety. Quality, cost and service. Environmental protection.
Continuous improvement.
Social responsibility
Socioeconomic development of communities. Ethics and legal compliance.


The fest evolution of Estamp into new areas of international corporate management is a symptom of success, but also a daily challenge that requires maximum attention.

A key issue and growing concern has been legal coompliance, a cornerstone of Estamp´s policy.

After manageruak training it was clear that the absence of a legal department constituted a deficit that could be mitigated through professional sourcing. A long-term consultancy agreement was signed with a prestigious legal firm for the implementation of a compliance assurance system (or crime prevention system).

Initial risk assessment highlighted anti-corruption and competititon as priority areas of prevention. As a starting point, both policies were defined.

After several years of hard work, the system is now in place and updated constantly. annual reviews and ongoing risk assessment provides improved policies and procedures.The challenge today is to make the system effective in a homegeneous way to group subsidiaries, whatever the cultural and business environment is.

We are, of course, committed to achieving further excellence in compliance, empowering our team and encouraging it to keep working relentlessly in this direction.