EMC Knowledge Day at the KU Leuven Campus

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EMC Knowledge Day at the KU Leuven Campus

Location: KU Leuven Campus Brugge, Spoorwegstraat 12, 8200 Brugge, Belgium

Date: November 22nd 2019. 



This year our sales representative in Belgium, Telerex, is organizing an EMC event again in cooperation with KU Leuven which will take place on 22nd of November at the KU Leuven Campus in Brugge, Belgium. Attendants will be informed about the latest developments in the EMC market. In addition this event will be an excellent opportunity to network and exchange ideas with colleagues.

Our colleage Antonio Rojas, PREMO Marketing & Ecosystems Manager, will be participating in the event. Check out the program for more details:

• 8.30h - 9.30h Doors open and a warm welcome with coffee

• 9.30h - 10.20h Blocking filter for smart meters (electricity) & smart grid application for under 500KHz


All the European utility companies are changing Old Electricity meter to Smart meters which works by PLC systems using low frequency signals, such as PRIME (42-89Khz), G3 (35-91Khz) & CENELEC Band A (9-95Khz). And the noise is coming from the end-user equipment via household wiring which is too close to PLC frequency ranges and is blocking communication between Smart meters and Concentrators.

• 10.20h - 11.10h Overview of Laird’s new unique range of Multi-Function Solution products and philosophy
Laird Performance Materials. Laird’s multiple function solutions (MFS) involve combining the best materials to provide the best solutions to meet customer design challenges and requirements. This can be relatively simple solutions from existing materials for example: fusing board-level shields with heat transfer products, or combining shielding with structural metals and a variety of absorber products, or combinations of fabric-over-foam. Following on from this we are developing a range of cutting edge products that are designed to provide MFS performance from the outset, for example: CoolZorb which combines thermal conductivity with EMI absorber function, or K-Zorb which gives a combined dielectric layer and an absorber for solving tricky high frequency issues without signal degradation. These developments provide a single integrated solution to resolve a variety of design and performance challenges simultaneously.
Sven Fischer, director Laird Technologies

• 11.10h - 12.00h IoT technology overview and the way to 5G.

Rohde & Schwarz Benelux B.V. Coen van Bergen, Account Manager Test & Measurement

• 12.00h - 13.00h Lunch

• 13.00h - 13.50h Overview of the P2715 WG - IEEE Guide for the characterization of the shielding effectiveness of planar materials

KU Leuven

Shielding is certainly no longer limited to metals. The continuous search for energy-efficiency, light-weight machines and vehicles makes that many different types of materials are used to enclose electronic systems. However, at the same time, the shielding properties need to be maintained. Such materials might comprise, but are not limited to, metals, coated plastics, fibre-filled polymers, textiles, etc. Over the years many methods have been developed to characterize the shielding effectiveness of planar materials. Unfortunately, these different methods can result in quite significant different shielding effectiveness values. A detailed understanding of the different methods for the characterization of the shielding properties of planar materials is essential to make the right conclusions about the materials’ performance in a real-world application.

prof. dr. ir. Davy Pissoort, professor electrical engineering, head of the Flanders Mechatronics Engineering Center (FMEC)

• 13.50h - 14.40h Emerging Challenges of the EMC Risk-Based Approach in Medical Technology: - Present trends in the medical technology industry - From a rule-based to a risk-based approach- Current state of the art and emerging challenges

Eindhoven University of Technology

The conventional approach to dealing with EMI is to use a “rule-based” approach. What this means is that during the design phase, for a piece of electronic equipment, a number of guidelines/standards are prescribed, resulting in the default application of a set of mitigation techniques (filtering, shielding, cable routing, etc.). This approach is clearly lacking, with an escalation of the number of reported incidents in hospitals relating to EMI. What we need is a “risk-based approach”, which will offer us much higher levels of safety as medical equipment becomes more complex and we become increasingly dependent on its reliability
Anne Roc'h, is an assistant professor with the research group Electrical Energy Systems at the TU/e department of Electrical Engineering. She is an expert in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

• 14.40h - 15.00h AR/VR/MR – Electromagnetic Motion Tracking Sensors - Demo


• 15.00h - 16.00 Networkdrink + optional guided tour in the EMC-facilities of KU Leuven on registration

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