APEC 2019 wireless power session

APEC 2019, March 21, 08:30-11:25h

Wireless power Session: Optimized design for wireless coil for EV based on the use of magnetic nano-narticles

Speaker: Alberto Delgado

Location: 304CD

We would like to invite you to join us at APEC conference! This year we will be part of the wireless power session, to be held on Thursday March 21st, 2019 (08:30h - 11:25h). Location: 304CD / Chair: Faisal Khan, Wisam Alhoor.The conference has enjoyed a growing success throughout the years. APEC is now considered to be the leading conference for practicing power electronics professionals. The APEC program addresses a broad range of topics in the use, design, manufacture and marketing of all kinds of power electronics equipment. The combination of high-quality Professional Education Seminars, a full program of refereed papers and an overflowing Exhibit Hall consistently provides an invaluable education each year.

About Wireless charging Technology: 

Ph Dr. J. A. Cobos and his team presents in APEC the insights of our innovation in  wireless power Transmission for electric vehicles chargers. Our nanotechnology ALMA composite material make coils light , unbreakable and ultra efficient. 

Wireless charging is considered a kind of Holy Grail of electric mobility, since to optimize and become profitable would make possible to operate battery-powered cars much more efficiently and simply.

If it becomes possible to install this solution on the roads - there are several projects in progress around the world - it would eliminate the need for electric cars to use large batteries and would make them much cheaper than current vehicles, even the gasoline car.

Check out the wireless charging Product Range -> wireless charging antennas

> Know more about this invention Inductive components-General catalogue 2018 (page 230)


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Anaheim Convention Center, 

California, EE.UU