PCIM Europe 2018

PCIM Europe 2018

5-7 June, Nuremberg, Germany

PCIM Europe (Power conversion and Intelligent Motion) is the international leading exhibition for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management.

International exhibitors inform themselves in three exhibition halls about the newest products, trends and developments in the power electronics industry. PCIM Europe is the forum for technologies for the whole value chain of the power electronics industry, from the components to the intelligent system.

Product Highlights: 

3DPower Technology

Premo 3DPower is a revolutionary concept in power magnetics integration. Existing magnetics within conventional HEV On-Board Chargers and DCDC converters are merged into one single and compact product. Maximum power density is achieved by reducing the size and increasing the power dissipation with the latest high thermal conductive materials. Designs can be fully customized to meet any customer requirement

Designs can be fully customized to meet any customer requirement.

      • DC/DC Converters
      • On-Board Chargers

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Alma Technology

The invention provides a flexible magnetic core that can withstand impacts, flexion and torsion with deformation but without breaking the core, thus keeping the magnetic properties when the flexion or torsion efforts disappear. 

This invention aims to solve the problem of the fragility of the magnetic cores of long inductive devices used in electronics either as chokes, inductors or LF antennae from 1KHz to 13.56 MHz mostly used in RFID application in automotive with extensive use for keyless entry systems at 20 KHz, 125 KHz and 134 KHz, extended but not limited to the applications for NFC at frequencies in the range of 13.56 MHz.

The flexible magnetic core of the invention can be used for inducers and electric transformers for energy storage and conversion or fltering, provide a non-breakable & low weight characteristic which are so important for the current and future high volume production of power converter in hybrid & electric vehicles, decreasing the carbon foot print in the Earth.

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