3DP-7KWHVHV 3DP-7KWHVHV Full Bridge LLC Transformer 160 µH + Resonant Choke 13 µH 

3DP-7KWHVHV Full Bridge LLC Transformer 160 µH + Resonant Choke 13 µH

Premo 3DPower is a revolutionary concept in power magnetics integration. Existing magnetics within conventional HEV On-Board Chargers and DCDC converters are merged into one single and compact product. Maximum power density is achieved by reducing the size and increasing the power dissipation with the latest high thermal conductive materials.

Designs can be fully customized to meet any customer requirement.


  • On-Board Chargers


  • Designed for high-performance DC/DC converters
  • Resonant choke and transformer integrated into one single part
  • Negligible coupling between choke and transformer
  • Working frequency 70kHz - 200kHz
  • Up to 7kW
  • Low leakage inductance
  • 4kV isolation between primary, secondary and choke
  • UL94 V-0 and RoHS materials
  • Weight @ 480gr
  • Terminals can be totally customized


Part Number


Typical input voltage (V)Typical switching freq. (kHz)Max. output current (Arms)max. output power (kW)Turn ratio (Ns/Np) Primary inductance (uH)Leakage inductance (uH) choke inductance (uH)Max. choke current (Arms)
001 LLC+Resonant Choke 280-460 80-300 24 7 0.8095 160 4 13 24

3DP-7KWHVHV dimensions



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3DP-7KWHVHV elec trical diagram

3DP-7KWHVHV graphics

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