3DC11EM 3DC11EM SMD Epoxy Molded 3D Coil 

3DC11EM SMD Epoxy Molded 3D Coil


3D coil epoxy encapsulated with higher performance and lower profil. Newer designs in KES and mobile applications require smallest sizes in this passive component and still a long reading distance together with higher reliability. 3DC14EM fulfills the requirements for most PEPS systems in the market. 



- Size 11.8x11.8x3.35 mm
- SMD solution
- Suitable for AOI
- High stability in temperature (-40
ºC to +85 ºC)
- P&P operations allowed
- Same Quality factor in the three axis.


L x,y,z nom

Qx,y,z min

F (kHz)SRF x,y (kHz) MinSRF z (kHz) MinDCR x (Ohm) MaxDCR y (Ohm) MaxDCR z (Ohm) MaxSensitivity x,y,z (mV/A/m) Min (*)
3DC11EM-0720J    7.2 /7.2 /9 mH 30 125 350 650 82.5 88 192.5 80XY / 45Z

 (*) Ask for sensitivity test set up and recommendations

3DC14EM dimensions

3DC14EM pad layout

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