MICU 300A OH/LF MICU 300A OH/LF MV ICU 300A Low Freq.(30-500kHz) Outdoor Overhead 

MICU 300A OH/LF MV ICU 300A Low Freq.(30-500kHz) Outdoor Overhead


  • High current solution made with high permeability high performance nanocrystalline materials avoid saturation problems at high currents
  • Low insertion losses 12dB±2dB (@100-250kHz) ; 5dB±2dB (@250-600kHz)
  • More electrical safety: High insulation > 24 kV
  • Compact equipment: BNC connector integrated in the coupler (other connections available under request)
  • Water resistant (IP65)
  • Customized for Maxim G3-PLC modems
  • Compatible with Enverv PLC modem Chipsets 
  • Optimum  performance  at 500kbit for PRIME PLC Smart grids SOLUTIONS.


Electrical specifications

  • Nominal current: 300 A
  • Rated Voltage: Rated voltage up to 24 kV
  • Rated AC withsand voltage: Rated voltage up to 24 kV
  • Rated lightning withstand voltage (1.2/50ï­s): Rated voltage up to 24 kV
  • Partial discharge level at 1.2 UN: Rated voltage up to 24 kV
  • Insulation resistance: Rated voltage up to 24 kV
  • Transmision frequency range and attenuation: -12dB±2dB @100 to 250 kHz / -5dB±2dB @250 to 600 kHz
  • Nominal impedance: Coupling side: 20 to 50 Ω / Equipment side: 50 Ω
  • Average power in permanence: > +40 dBmW
  • Harmonic distorsion and intermodulation: < -60 dB
  • Dieletric strength: >4.7kV
  • Working temperature: -20°C to 60°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Weight: <2.5 kg
  • Climatic category: 25/100/21 according to IEC 60068-1
  • Safety isolation: According to IEC 60950
  • Normative: IEC 61869

TypeRated VoltageRated CurrentFrequency RangeInner Diameter (mm)Height (mm)Width (mm)Water ResistanceIsolation Level
MICU-300A-OH/LF Inductive coupling unit Only depends on the insulation level of the cable 300A 30/500kHz 40 180 106 IP65 24kV

All dimensions are in mm.

Tolerances unless specified: ±1,0mm

Critical dimensions (*)





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