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Frequency (kHz) 125
Cres (pF) 680
Q x,y,z Min 20
Sensitivity x,y,z (mVpp/App/m) Min 40
Height (mm) 3.45
Width (mm) 11.6
Length (mm) 13
SRF x,y (kHz) Min 700
DCR z (Ω) Max 83
DCR x,y (Ω) Max 55
SRF z (kHz) Min 750
L x,y,z (mH) 2.38


All dimensions are in mm

Pins Coplanarity 0.10

General Tolerances unless indicated ±0.1mm


Reflow soldering, vapour-phase soldering. A maximum soldering temperature of 260ºC during 10 s should not be exceed for (see recommended soldering profile with maximum and minimum temperature-time).

The reflow condition recommended is according to the machine used by our company. Big differences will arise as a result of the type of machine, reflow conditions, method, etc used. 

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