KCA KCA Keylock Cylinder Antenna 

KCA Keylock Cylinder Antenna

The Keylock Cylinder Antenna is designed to emit a RF
signal and identify the customer’s key in the ignition
system. This antenna is to be placed in the Ignition Switch
Lock Cylinder, inside the vehicle. Since it can be exposed
to the !nal customer, the antenna !nishing ful!ls the
highest quality requirements.
Mechanical dimensions Nomenclature description

Overmoulded with PA66 or PBT-GF30% assuring the IP67 classi!cation.
Output wires can be customized to customer’s design. Inside the overmoulding, the
inductance, resistance and quality factor can be customized to required values.

  • LF transponder Emitter/Transmitter antenna.
  • Ideally used in the Ignition Switch Key Cylinder.
  • Free wire or special connectors can be provided.
  • The enclosure will provide mounting features into the vehicle and will ensure the
  • mechanical robustness.
  • Custom L and R value under demand.

KCA Electrical Diagram

L: Aircoil inductance

Rdc: Copper resistance and connection.

Z: External impedance.

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