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Tank circuit LF antenna for applications using ATOMIC CLOCK signals. New RCA-THT.

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Premo Group launches a new DCF and ripple control antenna. A through-hole antenna for applications using atomic watch signals. The new RCA-THT Series.
There are several clock signal transmitters in different countries such as: DCF77-77.5kHz (Germany), HBG-75kHz (Switzerland), MSF-60kHz (United Kingdom), JJY-40&60kHz (Japan), WWVB-60kHz (USA), DCF49 (Germany): 129,1kHz (Mainfligen transmitter, 100kW), y 139kHz (Burg transmitter, 50kW), 135,6kHz (Laikhegy, Hungary, transmitter 100kW) to cover different zones.
These long wave transmitters use FSK modulation with frequency precision of +/- 107 Hz and signal speed of 200 Bd.
RCA-THT antenna can be set and tuned in different frequencies from 40kHz to 139kHz, for clock applications (synchronization with atomic clock, 40 and 60kHz in Japan, 77.5 kHz in Germany, etc.) and power control and management applications (tariff switching and load management), lighting controls, smart metering, etc. 
PREMO Group developed at mid of 2009 the first radio clock receiver antenna with SMD technology, the RCA-SMD series.  At mid of 2010 launched the RCA-ROD series to the market. To complete its atomic watches and ripple control antennas product range, PREMO now launches this 3rd Generation, the RCA-THT series, showed in last Munich Electronic Fair Edition.
The component is supplied in plastic trays.
Next figure show a typical resistance at resonance of RCA-THT receiver clock antenna. 
The antenna is shipped already tuned to the resonant frequency specified. The fine tuning process is done in the PREMO production line by a high reliable automatic station. This station check the antenna in real-time, achieving a high precision in the centre frequency tuned.
These kind of antennas are configured as L-C resonant parallel tank (RCA-THT-77A: 1.3mH // 3.3nF for 77.5 kHz and RCA-THT-60A: 2.1mH // 3.3nF for 60 kHz) which offer a higher resistance (more than 75 kOhms) at resonance frequency (+/- 0.2 kHz).
Standard THT version of this new radio clock antenna (at 40, 60 and 77.5 kHz) will be available in the market by Q2-2011. 
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